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4 Reasons to Consider Metallic Epoxy for Your Home Offices

Metallic Epoxy Floor

Traditionally, the thought has always been that you can either have flooring that’s all nice, smooth, and shiny or have flooring that’s going to withstand some serious wear and tear and last a long time! Well, that may be true for most types of floorings, but it’s not true when it comes to epoxy! Epoxy flooring may be one of those things that we thought couldn’t exist, but do! It comes in several different types and right now, one of the most popular ones is Metallic Epoxy. In this post, we’re going to be going over 4 reasons you might want to consider Metallic Epoxy for your homes and offices!

#1: The Aesthetics

Whether you’re looking for a type of flooring for your home or office space, you’d want something that goes perfectly with the entire theme of the space! Now, using something like marble would mean that your options are super limited in terms of textures, designs, and colors! Since marble is a natural stone, there are only so many colors it will be available in! With Metallic Epoxy flooring, you can get any type of look you want! If you want to keep it simple, you can get Concrete floor polishing, with epoxy on top, and if you want to kick things up a notch you can play around with different colors, textures, styles, and finishings until you land on one that’s perfect for your space!

#2: The Durability

Even though epoxy may seem weak because it just looks like liquid flooring, because of its clear finish, it’s not really weak at all. The reality is quite the opposite! Epoxy flooring is one of the most durable floors in the world. Not only can it withstand extreme heat, but it also doesn’t scratch very easily and can withstand heavy objects being dropped on it too. No worrying about redoing the finish, dealing with any cracks, or the floor dulling! The way it is when it’s first laid down is the way it’s going to stay for a long time! If you want an extraordinarily hard floor, you can even have additional chemicals mixed into it to make the final finish even stronger!

#3: The Level of Safety

If there’s one thing that offices and homes with children have in common, it’s that both places need to have flooring that is not slippery whatsoever. Metallic Epoxy floors look like they’re so shiny that they have to be slippery too, but it’s one of the least slippery flooring options you can go for! Anti-slip chemicals are added to the mixture before the epoxy is poured, giving the floor the grip and traction you’ll need at an office to protect your employees from potential falls, and at home to make sure you don’t have a bunch of kids slipping all over the home!

#4: The Ease of Maintenance

Although most floors look great, there’s a lot that goes into it to make sure that the floors remain as nice and shiny as they were when they were first installed! A lot of polishing, waxing, and scrubbing goes into keeping most floors in great condition. If they’re not kept up with, it can result in the dulling of the floors fairly quickly, which is something no one wants to do! With metallic epoxy floors, there’s no need to spend a lot of time and energy cleaning up. It doesn’t even need to be waxed or polished to retain that beautiful shine! All you need to do is make sure no dirt accumulates on the floor! This can easily be achieved with regular vacuuming or mopping! No special care is necessary and the floors will stay as good as new, for years to come!

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