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4 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal with Color

Curb Appeal

Color holds the power to boost your outdoor aesthetics.  Adding color is one of the easiest and fastest ways to brighten the boring sections of your property. Just so you know, adding color to your outdoor space isn’t all about slapping on some paint. There’s so much more you can do!

There’s never a bad time to give your yard a little facelift, and this guide will help you turn that outdoor dream of yours into reality.

From accent walls, and plants to furniture you can give your outdoor space a mini-makeover without breaking a sweat (or the bank). Keep reading for some amazing tricks for jazzing up your landscape.

1. Accent Wall

Accent walls are not just for living rooms. It is a creative way to make your outdoor space vibrant. The best part is that you can even go border with the designs and colors that you would if it was an indoor accent wall.

You can call in Calgary painters to give it a zesty orange brush-up, or any other color that will make your wall pop. For an accent wall, it is recommended you use shades lighter or darker than your other walls to create contrast.

2. Colorful Furniture

Your outdoor space is not functional and complete without furniture. You can use the furniture to also create visual interest.

The best part is that you don’t even have to do a furniture overhaul to introduce vibrance. You can paint the existing furniture to make it fresher and colorful. Alternatively, you can use colored cushions and fabrics. You can let your creative juices flow without holding yourself back and find out what you end up with.

Work with what you have and add style to your landscape.

3. Add Plants

You can spruce up your yard with some color using Mother Nature’s paintbrush. All you have to do is plant some flowers to give your landscape a natural makeover. Visit your local nursery and see what catches your eye.

You don’t need any sort of experience or perfection. Just mix different textures and colors and spread them throughout your garden beds or planters. Before you know it, you will have a yard that is bursting with color and personality.

4. Colorful Pavers

Paver borders, inlays, and bands are your secret to making your outdoors vibrant. It is all about the subtle pops of color.

Think of it like accessorizing an outfit. You have the neutral pavers as your main look, and then you add these little touches of color that just make everything pop. For instance, you can throw in some of those rich-colored pavers as a border.

You can play around with concrete paver accents. They’re perfect for sneaking in some color without going overboard. Just make sure they integrate well with your main pavers’ pattern and color.


You don’t need a big and pricey project to make your outdoors inviting. When it comes to decor, it is the little things that matter. Just take a stroll in your yard and identify sections that need color. Use the tips above to get a sense of where you can improve areas that lack color, whether it is your furniture, walls, or garden.

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