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Water Saving Tips For Both Indoors & Outdoors

Water Saving

Water remains to be one of the most important every day commodities that you really can’t do without. The supply is however limited compared to the demand and you therefore should use the water available to you as efficiently as possible. Cutting on your usage can go a long way in saving your water bills at the end of the month. Just like energy, you should find out the best ways to make a positive change. Luckily, there are simple things you can do to preserve water on both outdoors and indoors.

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Indoor Water Tips

Try as much as possible to do full laundry and dish loads compared to washing small loads more often. This does not only save water, but also the energy used when running the dishwasher or washing machine.

Have any household leaks fixed as soon as you notice them. Leaks can be very costly and can graduate to more serious problems when left unresolved. Find a plumber as soon as possible.

Shorten your showering time to save water and energy at the same time. Five minutes in the shower are enough.

Don’t leave the tap running when brushing your teeth and instead turn it on and off as needed to save water.

When getting your devices such as washing machines and toilets, ensure that you select those that are water efficient.

Talk with every member of your family on how to preserve water. Children are fast learners and they can easily help you in preserving water and saving energy at the same time.

Outdoor Water Tips

Water the lawn at least twice every week instead of doing it every day. This is a very simple type of saving you hundreds of gallons of water every week.

Do regular check-ups on your sprinkler system so that you can identify any leaks, breakages and overspray. Have the necessary repairs done immediately to improve water and energy efficiency of the system.

Install a sprinkler controller that is smart in that it can adjust the watering to match the weather conditions, shade, soil type and even plant type. This can ensure that only the right amount of water is used in every aspect.

To reduce evaporation and water inefficiency as a result of windy conditions, try and water the plants very early in the morning or late in the evening. Most people make the mistake of watering plants during the day when it is hot and humid when too much water goes to waste through evaporation. Make these simple changes and enjoy more water efficiency and healthier plants for that matter.

When cleaning the driveway and your sidewalks, try and use a broom in place of a hose. Hoses can be very convenient, but they can waste a lot of water. Brooms on the other hand use up very little water even though they call for a little more effort from your side. If you have time, enjoy the broom cleaning over the use of a hose to save water and at the same time to keep active.

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