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Four Unexpected Dangers Caused By A Leaking Roof

Leaking Roof

One of the most common signs of a damaged roof is water leaks coming down from the ceiling. They can be very frustrating, and a significant job to fix. However, did you know that a leaking roof also poses dangers to you and others that live underneath them? Here are four unexpected risks you could be subjected to due to a leaking roof.

  1. Attic And Upper Floor Ceiling Damage 

A leaking roof causes water damage from the top of the roof, through the decking and insulation, down to the ceiling. That’s a lot of damage and structural weakening from one leak. If the leak is ignored, the damage will only get worse. The paint and plaster will start bubbling and chipping off. If the leak is prolonged for too long, the ceiling boards can weaken, break and fall to the ground, which is a safety risk for those living in the home. Even worse, if a light fixture or ceiling fan falls with it, you or a loved one could suffer a more severe injury.

  1. Mould And Mildew 

One of the most dangerous aspects of having a leak in your home is what comes with it – damp. If your roof is damp, mould and mildew can grow out of it, releasing harmful spores into the air. If these spores are breathed into your lungs, you could get very sick. Mould can even spread through your home, regardless of where it originated. For example, if it invades the HVAC system and ventilation, it will spread rapidly through your home in the air you breathe. It can be found in the ceiling, carpets, furniture, and other personal belongings.

The most common type of mould to come from a roof leak is called black mould. The non-toxic variety of black mould damages and weakens wooden structures like flooring, roof decking and framing. It can also affect walls, floor coverings and ceiling tiles. However, toxic black mould is the kind that makes you sick, causing asthma and lasting nasal congestion after prolonged exposure. Any type of mould or mildew needs to be removed, and the route cause – the leak – needs to be repaired immediately.

  1. Weakened Home Structures 

Because leaks are difficult to find until you notice a watermark on the ceiling, the structures above and around the leak can become compromised. Weakened home structures are hazardous, especially if they’re at a breaking point. Ceiling joists, beams, wall framing, rafters and fascia boards can break and fall, if the water damage has weakened it extensively. This is a serious risk to your health and safety because they’re heavy. If they fell through the ceiling, it would cause not only severe damage to the interior of your home but also serious injury if you happen to be underneath them when they fall.

  1. Fire Hazard 

How can a water leak cause a fire, you may ask? It’s actually very simple if you remember how many electrical components run through the ceilings of your home. Think about it – every room has a ceiling light, or multiple wall lights if it’s a particularly big room. If there’s a leak in your roof that runs down around electrical wiring in the walls and ceiling, you could have a big problem. How sure are you that your wiring isn’t faulty? The rubber or plastic that encapsulates wires – especially if they’re very old, can become brittle and start to break. With exposed wiring and a leak at the same time, it’s only a matter of time before a fire starts due to an electrical fault. The last thing you need is to see your ceiling burning up and falling down around you.

Needless to say, if you haven’t had your wiring inspected in a while, you should get an electrician in to examine every line running through the walls and ceilings of your home. Especially since roof leaks are common, you should ensure that you and your family are safe from electrical fires.

Although you might think that each of these leak-induced hazards will never happen to you, they have happened to many households in the past. Ask your roofing Auckland company how many cases or mould and mildew they’ve seen in homes around Auckland. For this reason, it’s always essential to perform inspections on your roof regularly, so that you can catch damage and repair it before it becomes a leak. You might be saving yourself from injury, a health risk, or even a fire. Call Archer Roofing today, to inspect your roof for leaks.


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