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Interior Design Trends That Have Become Popular In 2022

Interior Design

The pandemic has forced people to stay inside homes for extended period of time. This has spurred the need of renovating and redesigning home interior. If you have also been looking to upgrade your space with the latest trends then read on for hottest styles, color palettes, and functional ideas.

Shades of Brown & Chocolatey Hues

If you find brown boring and dull then think again. Camel shade, caramel, and chocolate brown is making waves in home interiors, as finally people are staying clear of pastels and patterns. Create rich, timeless elegance by pairing brown with tones of green and red. A lot of terracotta and mustard color is being seen in home décor, along with textured fabrics and use of solid wood.

Bringing Nature Indoors

Since people have spent most of their time indoors for the past two years, their connection with nature has strengthened. Stoneware, ceramics, and travertine is being used in furniture, bathrooms, and for decorative items. Add visual intrigue, character, and depth to your living space by introducing textures of Earth into your interiors. Indoor plants and fresh flowers have also become an increasing trend as it not just adds color to the living space but also brings in freshness and create natural appeal.

Curved & Sculptural Furniture

Sculptural furniture is the next big trend as it’s a blend of functionality, art, and uniqueness. A popular furniture shop in the UAE, WOODGreen.ae has introduced structural tables and sofas that introduce statement to minimalist homes. Curved furniture is also finding a lot of popularity. A big contrast to harsh lines and symmetrical perfection, rounded edges and unconventional silhouettes create softness and comfort. From side tables and consoles to sofas and chairs, there’s variety and ingenuity in every design.

Sophisticated Canopy Bed Designs

A trend that is being loved by everyone is canopy beds. Whether you seek professional home renovation Dubai services or decide to redo the interiors yourself, do consider a canopy bed that will anchor the space in your bedroom. Metal, brass, and wood frames add grandeur to the room, creating a stunning focal point. Black metal frame will certainly make a striking statement and you can pair it with monochromatic pillows and accent pieces. Wooden bed frame goes well with all kinds of shades and you can add simple accents to create an alluring bedroom look.

Make Upholstery an Amalgamation of Comfort & Aesthetics

As you continue to upgrade your living, pay attention to comfort and aesthetics. Textured fabrics in warm tones always remain in fashion and go well with all kinds of interior design. For casual comfort, leather, Rexene, and suede is a popular choice. Besides providing coziness, it is also a safer option where they are a lot of kids or guests. Velvet and silk upholstery is ideal for formal living areas.

The color palette you choose mainly depends on the size of your living space. Large sitting areas usually call for bolder and vibrant shades. For smaller spaces light colors and subtle hues are always a better choice. Always remember that your home and its decor is a reflection of your personality.

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