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Things To Expect From A Basement Waterproofing Company

Basement Waterproofing

Every company providing basement waterproofing services in Toronto will have several questions to ask the homeowner before starting the task. The water leakage issue in your basement is irritating and causes great inconvenience. As a homeowner, you should make the professionals understand the situation and answer all their questions efficiently to get their desired services. Here are some questions that waterproofing companies ask, such as how long the issue occurred, for how long you plan to stay in the home, are you looking for permanent or temporary waterproofing solutions, etc.

These questions are not just asked for conversation’s sake. Your answers to these questions will help a contractor measure whether the customer knows about the house’s history or not. It also informs the contractor about the right steps they should take to rectify the leakage. Basement waterproofing depends on the area, the climate it faces, and landscape features.

Here are a few things that you should expect from basement waterproofing companies:

Gauge the problem

A contractor should trace the frequency of the problem and determine the cause of the leakage. Most leakage problems may be seasonal, especially during the winter or rainy season. Sometimes, the issue can also occur because of other problems, such as clogged gutters. Hence, a good contractor doesn’t assume anything rather does a complete inspection to gauge the problem.


This is quite simple. You should expect a waterproofing company to inspect the location of the seepage in the basement. Once they find the exact source, they will concentrate their most efforts there. It is important to be prepared. The location of the puddle sometimes may not be the precise location of seepage. Water may have traveled and puddled somewhere. However, chances are the location will be near.

Future plans

Another thing to expect from your homeowner is to seal your house for the future. What are you planning to use the basement for in the future? Do you want to transform it into a room, workshop, or storage? Or wish to leave it unfinished? Well, share your plans with the contractor to get your house waterproofed for the future. Your plans to use the space will determine the repairs your basement needs. A contractor will accordingly rectify the leakage issue.

Maintenance of the past

The last thing to expect from your waterproofing company is to offer solutions depending on your past maintenance. How often do your handle landscaping? Do you choose a carefree attitude, or are you a responsible person? Seepage may need attention in the future, and depending on your maintenance skills, a waterproofing contractor may suggest the remedies.

If you have a free lifestyle, expect complete exterior waterproofing services from your contractor. It will keep your home seepage-free for long.

Waterproofing PD is a reliable and efficient company that offers you the best basement waterproofing solutions. Hire the professionals to get your property inspected and answer all their questions to get the most appropriate waterproofing method for your basement at an affordable price in no time.

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