Why Your Tree May Need Air Decompaction Services

Tree felling

Most people do not know that soil compaction can impact a tree’s health. That is why arborists and tree surgeons decompact the soil around a failing tree. Normally, they use a tool that employs a jet stream of air to loosen compacted soil, thereby keeping the tree roots safe and free of damage. By using the tool, a tree care professional can lift and remove soil and add organic materials.

Why You Cannot Leave Soil Compacted

If you don’t decompact the soil around a tree, the following can happen:

  • The tree will eventually suffocate and die.
  • A dying tree invites even more problems, such as infestation.
  • Tree felling in Guildford may be the only solution if the tree dies.
  • The roots of a tree cannot elongate, thereby stifling further nutrition and growth.
  • Compaction reduces the space for the tree roots.
  • Compaction can stunt tree growth.
  • The incidence of root rot increases as the soil is not receiving oxygen.

Inspecting the Soil

To prolong a tree’s life, it is important that the soil not be too hard or soft. That is why a tree surgeon must not only inspect the tree itself but the soil in which it resides. If the soil is too soft, the tree may present a danger and need to be cut down. Soft soil causes instability, which is especially dangerous in areas populated by pedestrians and buildings.

If the soil is compacted or too hard, it impacts root growth and the uptake of nutrients. Therefore, if you feel that your tree needs revitalisation or lacks stability, call and don’t wait to have it inspected.



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