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Different types of beds to understand before you choose your favourite


Did you know that the beds that we have today were just layers of leaves in ancient times? Yes, it’s true. The first bed was found in a cave in South Africa. According to archaeologists, caves were the go-to-places of ancient tribes for sleep and they used layers of leaves as beds. You can thank the Egyptians for the invention of beds as they wanted something that was a bit higher off the ground to sleep on. They also gave legs to their beds. However, a formal mattress came into existence because of the Romans. Mixing the two ideas together gave us modern-day beds as a result.

There is no denying that a bed is the best place to get some rest. Thus, it is an essential piece of furniture that needs to be very cosy and comfy. After a hectic day at work or college, you need your bed more than anything else. This leads us to tell you to choose your bed wisely after considering various aspects such as comfort, budget, design, etc. You already know there are several types of beds available in the market but do you know anything about these types? Let us have a look at some of the latest bed designs that you need to know about before buying one for yourself.

  • Platform bed- This is one of the most popular types of bed and belongs to the list of modern bed designs. A platform bed is one that is a bit raised and built from a horizontal solid frame. It has a section of rows that has flexible wooden slats which are meant to support the mattress. The platforms offer the required support as well as ventilation for the mattress. If you have a platform bed, you don’t need to have a box spring or second mattress for support.
  • Panel bed- This type of bed consists of a footboard as well as a headboard that is built from flat wooden panels. The panels are framed in such a way that they represent traditional wood panelling. Panel beds can be found in two types of finish, namely, painted and wood stained finish. There are some variants that only have the headboard. You can buy a single or double bed design and it is perfect for those people who have oddly shaped rooms. Panel beds allow you to sit on its edge and eliminate a part of the bed that can be a hindrance while accommodating many people at once. 
  • Adjustable beds- Are you the person who likes to watch TV in bed or read in bed? Then, an adjustable bed is an option for you. As the name suggests, you can adjust the bed in various sittings or positions through a motor. You can choose to sit or sleep on this bed according to your requirement. If you have a little space, you can use it as a chair, or you can take it into another room and use it as your bed. Through the motor, you can also raise or lower the level of the bed. It comes with a big headboard along with sharp edges. The feet part of the bed is slightly raised than the entire bed.
  • Canopy- This type of bed belongs to the decorative style of beds. This bed has the potential to give a classy touch to your bedroom. It comes with decorative frames, a lower footboard, and a higher headboard. You can also buy a king size bed while choosing the canopy type of bed. Due to the four pillars along with the corners of the bed, you can make a ceiling using a piece of fabric in order to cover the bed while sleeping. This bed can instantly put you in a romantic mood.
  • Futon- A futon is the kind of bed that can be adjusted as per your requirement. It comes in different shapes, sizes, styles and materials. It is basically a bed cum sofa. These are easily movable and can be placed in any room as per the demand of the situation. These beds neither come with a headboard nor a footboard. Futons can be a big investment as they are expensive pieces of furniture, but they are also made to last for a long time.
  • Trundle bed- Trundle beds are known to come with a pair. They come with a standard bed frame and another bed on a caster which can easily be stored under the upper bed. This bed comes with the options of a single bed or double bed and has a higher headboard and zero footboards. If you are short on space, the trundle bed is made for you. This kind of bed also helps in unexpected situations too when you need to entertain guests. The bed is big enough to accommodate two to three people easily.

These are some of the most popular types of beds available in the market. You can find other kinds of beds as well. While buying a bed, you need to consider every aspect of a bed other than its designs and your comfort. These aspects include the size of the bed, budget, damage repair, recycling, etc. If you are thinking of making a big investment, then you must choose an option that is durable and can last for more than 5 years at least. Also, understand your room properly before purchasing a new bed.

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