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Dos & Don’ts To Remember While Setting Up Study-Cum-Office At Home

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In today’s world, more and more people are opting to work from home. And this is more or less becoming a trend after the pandemic that hit the global community. But since space comes at a premium, it needs to be well planned. And it needs all the more planning when you suddenly decide to work from your home. That needs to be finely chalked with every effort that you can put in. So now let us see how you can turn your home into office-cum-home space.

Tips That Might Help You Set Up Your Home Into An Office Space As well

While planning to go for a makeover of your home, you need to consider a lot that might help you to perform while maintaining the environment of your home. While still on the subject, you must also consider these tips for an aesthetically appealing home. And since space is a crunch in every home today, it becomes all the more necessary to manage whatever little space that you have.

Make Your Home Area Separate From Your Office Space

It is very important to note that you should never mix your family life with your work life. Both are separate aspects of your life, and try to keep it that way. Keep everything to do with your home away from your office space. Today’s office work is mostly conducted via the internet, and you are most of the time required to be online or on video conferences and calls. In that case, the setup should be kept at a professional level so that seriousness is not compromised on.

Most people tend to lie back on the sofa or the bed while working. But this is a strict no-no. It should at all costs be avoided. And this can only be achieved with the installation of study & office furniture. This will also enhance your productivity. For that, you must first trace and locate that corner of your home where you can set up the office. And selecting one corner for yourself also ensures that you get privacy and are not distracted by the daily on-goings of your home.

Make Do With What Little You Have

It has already been mentioned here that space is at a premium today, so instead of complaining over what you do not have, make do with what little you have. For that, you need to set up a small study table alongside a computer table where you can accommodate all our office belongings and all the while work peacefully. If you are lucky enough to be living in a spacious home, you adjust accordingly by installing bigger versions of the furniture mentioned here.

To have that organized and orderly look install a few study & office furniture like cabinets and shelves where you can neatly stack all your important documents and files. Make sure that your office space at home is not a mess because you may not be living alone in that home of yours. You may be having a family who, too, need space for themselves. So be organized. You can also have folders and files to store all loose papers, and that makes you a very orderly person n the eyes of your family.

Install The Right Equipment And Furniture

Today less is more is the trend that is fast catching up with everyone. The less furniture like study tables and office chairs that you have, the more you have in terms of aesthetics. And that way you save a lot of money also. Make sure that your office space is less cluttered. It will impart that feeling of spaciousness in a small space and also help you to concentrate more on your work. And it has to be mentioned here that you need to do less weekly cleaning. That should brighten your day.

Apart from the furniture, you should have the right equipment also. Make sure that you have all your internet connections in place. Since it is the age of technology, you should have all the right technological equipment in place to make the optimum office from home.


Choose that corner of your home where you get maximum natural light. As long as daylight is there, you should be able to utilize it to the maximum. It should not happen that you need to turn on electric lights right in the middle of the day. It should not be a strain on your eyes. And if at all you cannot find that corner with maximum daylight, then opt for lights that will mimic natural light.

Colours And Textures

When it is an office space that you are redoing in your home, then obviously you cannot have multi colours all over that space. It has to have that professional look so o for tones that are a bit subdued and subtle. Leave aside bright colours and patterns. They will only help to distract you. You should even avoid colours that impart a feeling of coolness because that will make you feel relaxed, and your performance will be low. To be on the safe side, choose neutral colours.

Customize Your Office As Per The Work You Do

Your corner should reflect the type of work you do. So customize and personalize that little space you have as per your requirements. That way, your work becomes more productive, and your efficiency increases. You can install whiteboards and boards to pin up some important notices or reminders and the stuff that goes with office work. Interior design plays an important role here. So get the hang of it by looking up some ideas over the internet or from some magazines.


This should be enough to get you started with your office-cum-home project. So instead of sitting there and trying to figure out how to get the job done just go for it and make your little space at home a bit official so you can work in peace. It should be easy enough now with these few tips as starters.

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