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With coronavirus ravaging the international landscape and a good section of us stuck in lockdown or isolation – how do we keep ourselves sane? We turn to DIY, of course. All those little jobs that have piled up throughout the years are ready and waiting to be tackled. So while you are stuck in quarantine, confined to the home, or in need of some entertainment, let’s think about home hacks. How can you make your life better around the house? Read on to find out…

Small Home Hacks Go A Long Way

Some of the smallest changes you make at home can have the biggest impact. We picked our top home hacks to help you get over hump. Keep yourself entertained and improve your quality of life all in one fell swoop, with these simple home hacks.

1 – No Drill? No Problem!

Gone are the days where every household needed a drill as their standard tool of choice. Nowadays, you can stick Shelves without Drilling, secure your handrail on the staircase, or even stick a box fireplace into position securely, all using a little mouldable glue. Sugru sets like rubber, allowing you to replace the usual screws, nails, or hooks, all with a single product. It’s exceedingly handy to have around the home.

2 – One-Wall-Paper

Why spend a fortune on 12 roles of wallpaper to decorate a whole room when you could whack some white paint on three out of four walls. The feature wall is the only one that really needs all the attention of hanging straight wallpaper strips. Save yourself the effort and do one wall. It’ll look classy, save you time, and even keep costs down!

3 – Wallpaper Horizontally

That’s right! When hanging paper, hang it horizontally. This way you can go all the way around all four walls with your lining paper, without having to stop and measure quite so often. It’s easier to keep it straight, as well as saving you time. Since we learned this, none of our walls are vertically papered any more.

4 – Colour Match for ‘Good as New’

Have you changed the colour of your room recently, but find now you need to match the cushions, the curios, and the curtains? You can buy cushion covers and save a little or pick up good curtains at your local thrift store – but the real money saver is a tin of paint. Match the paint to your new room colour then pick a few ornaments you’re not fussed on. Paint a vase, a candle holder, or dab sponge paint onto a lampshade. All of this adds up to an overall saving and makes your place chic for less!

5 – You’ll Groan…

Finally, a home improvement hack to make you inwardly groan and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. If you intend on doing enough painting that you need a paint tray – line the paint tray with two carrier bags, before you pour the paint in. How many hours of your life have you spent cleaning paint trays when you don’t have to? For us, the answer is “too many”.

Good luck out there. Hopefully, these home hacks have helped!

I am Lucas Tyson. This is my Architecture and Design Blog where you can find some of the best designs that I made.

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