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How are hardwood floors the best option for basketball flooring?


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Quality floors are as important to basketball as the scent is to a flower. Without one, there is just not seeming life in the flower. It is just not the same.

Similarly, a quality floor forms the very essence, which can determine and affect the ability of players, and the game played on it. It is responsible for a good even bounce, shock absorption, the sound it produces, and so on. It is one of the most important things for a basketball player to play on a quality basketball floor, which feels nice under their feet.

Over time, as the game has grown immensely, so have the different materials used for basketball floors. Synthetic materials like plastics are also used nowadays to provide some cheaper alternatives for basketball floors to gymnasiums. However, hardwood still remains the most popular of them.


Quality hardwood flooring empowers your athletes to perform to the best of their abilities.

There are several benefits that hardwood offers over all other materials when it specifically comes to a basketball floor. A trusted manufacturer of hardwood basketball floors would ensure that you get to benefit from all of the advantages. Some of these are-

  • Ball bounce- Quality hardwood flooring ensures that you experience a 100% ball bounce on all the areas of the flooring. The ball bounce of hardwood floors is absolutely the same as on concrete, which means that the players would not have to compromise when it comes to the rebound that they get from the surface, and it would be nice and even throughout.
  • Shock Absorption- This is perhaps the best selling point and the biggest advantage that wood has over all other materials like concrete. Wood provides a certain degree of shock absorption, which is critical when athletes hit the surface or fall. The absorption helps in minimizing fall impact and averting many injuries by absorbing the force. Other materials in this regard would cause additional stress to an athlete’s joints, especially knees and ankles.
  • Maintenance- Wood surfaces are hands down, easier to maintain than synthetic surfaces for basketball courts. They require minimum upkeep and last a long time. The one and the only requirement is not to allow dust to settle on the surface, so they have to be mopped every day. Other than that, they remain as good as new for long periods of time.
  • Smoothness- Because wood can be sanded later, these surfaces are smooth and uniform. After factory production, when trusted and old manufacturers install the basketball floors, they use sandpapers to finish off a final smoothening of the surface. The uniformity ensures that all areas exert the same force on an athlete’s muscles, and no extra effort is required to adapt to the variations in the court.
  • Customize- As wooden basketball floors can very easily be resurfaced, it is easy to repaint and refinish the flooring. Quality hardwood basketball floors very easily last over 50 years, and that is why they are sometimes refinished once a decade (or even more, depending on the level of play and requirement). The regular scope for customizations that hard\wood floors allow for is truly amazing, and most definitely, the best of all the materials for basketball floors.

Things to remember

  • When you are looking to get new flooring for your basketball court, whether it be for private use, or in a gymnasium, indoor\ or outdoor, it is crucial that you keep something in mind to select the best option for you.
  • The most important thing is the budget, of course. The amount you want to spend on installation and spend on maintenance is the key.
  • Similarly, important is the purpose that the floor would be used for. It is advised that for all professional use and feel, hardwood floors perform the best. Granted that you might need to shell out more money than your original budget sometimes, but it all comes back in value in the long run. Quality hardwood basketball floors are a thing of truly lasting beauty.
  • Professional manufacturers adhere to strict quality standards and employ regular quality checks and controls to ensure that the basketball floors that they lay down are uniformly top-notch.
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