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How Do You Know That You Need to Replace Your Roof?


A thunderstorm swept through with high winds and hail. There’s lots of tree damage around and your neighbours are talking about roof damage. You might ask the following questions:

  • What’s the easiest way to determine if you have damage?
  • If so, does your roof need to be repaired or replaced?

First, never try to climb on your roof by yourself. There are too many serious injuries from falls. Plus, your roof may look as if there is a texture that would allow you to have excellent traction there but roofs also usually have tiny granules that add to the slippery slope. So if you are looking for roofing companies in Plymouth, call a professional who will give a free initial consultation.

Is My Roof in Need of Repair?

How old is your roof? If you have a newer roof, you are more likely to need only a repair. However, the extent of the damage will be the number-one factor in deciding if only a repair is required.

Is there only single shingle damage? Good news! Single shingle damage tends to be a repair.

Does My Roof Need to Be Replaced?

Is your roof 10 to 15 years old? There will be a higher chance that your roof needs repair if your roof is that old.

Can you see damage in multiple places? This damage could even be curling shingles or shingles that are completely gone. If so, it’s more likely that you will need a full repair.

Are there leaks and water damage? The more water damage, the increased likelihood for replacement as well.

Seek the advice of a professional. A pro will know how to file insurance for you in case of storm damage. Good luck!

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