How Much Does A Plumber Charge?


Experienced Melbourne plumbers typically use hourly charge structures and a call-out fee. This guide is meant to prepare you with some general pricing guidelines but the best way to get a more accurate figure is to call a pro and they may offer you a free quote straight away. Hourly charges are the most commonly used pricing model because the extent of the amount of work needed often defines how long the expert will have to work on your premises. In some cases, you can request a fixed, once-off rate for less complex plumbing work. We’ll go over the things that affect what plumbers charge below and anything else you should buckle up for…

What could affect a plumber’s charge?

There are a couple of things that typically affect the overall charge and they include things like the size of the job, the complexity of the issue and the cost of any new materials needed. Naturally, more complex work will require more handiwork, and this ultimately ends up in steeper prices. Unclogging a drain is likely to be much cheaper than something like installing a hot water system. The level of difficulty between these two services varies and that will have an impact on how much it costs you. The work becomes even more technical when it involves the national water grid or complex system needs at multi-storey office buildings.

How much does a plumber charge?

The honest answer to this question is that you could pay anything from about 40 bucks to a couple of hundred dollars depending on the work you need. This average price range is meant to cover materials and labour, but we advise that you only rely on them as a starting point. Reach out to a local plumber and they can do a much better job of explaining costs. You will get an even better idea of how much everything will cost as soon as your licensed plumbing professional checks your drain and does a thorough inspection. Here are a couple of considerations that play a major role in your pricing:

Things that affect the cost of plumber services

1. What caused the plumbing fault

Some plumbing faults are simpler than others to fix. Take drain blockages as an example – the extent of damage will dictate the expertise & equipment required. The more severe the blockage, the more you can expect to pay. In some cases, you may end up with a plumber who is keen on fixed rates to ensure there are no hidden surprises. The most expensive drain blockage services are those that need the repair of the entire drain system.

2. Emergency plumbing services

The rates we’ve described are typical for callouts during normal operating hours. Should you require the help of an emergency plumber in Melbourne, then the prices will change drastically. Plumbing repairs conducted outside of typical working hours call for additional fees on top of the normal hourly rate.

Cheaper isn’t always better

Locals are usually looking for the cheapest service provider when it comes to plumbing faults. You should try to stay away from those that look ridiculously cheap in comparison to some of the estimations shared here. This could always be a sign that you’re dealing with a shady service provider that isn’t properly licensed. It just isn’t worth the risk of hiring cheap services when it comes to your property plumbing. Stick to experienced, fully licensed and properly priced plumbers and they’ll protect you against the risks. The investment you make in them will be well worth it, and we can guarantee that you’ll quickly realize why.

How to find affordable drain experts

We have done our best to clearly define what you should expect in the case of plumber charges in Melbourne. However, please understand that your price is uniquely dependent on the circumstances of your situation. Pricing also highly depends on the plumber you choose. It is important that you find a licensed plumber that aims to meet your plumbing requirements as efficiently as possible. Ensure that the plumber is fully licensed and comprehensively insured. Not all plumbers can guarantee all these things, and many of them shy away from sharing certification details by offering cheaper than usual pricing. Stay away from these providers because they are usually plumbers without insurance. You are well within your right to verify all the necessary specialised skills and techniques. And the service providers you engage with should be with this information.

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