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Pros and Cons of Glass Pool Fencing Sydney

Glass Pool Fencing

If you happen to have a yard that has an incredible view or if you are even just looking to keep your pool safer but in a non-obtrusive way, investing into a glass fence may be exactly what you are looking for to solve your problems. However, before you go through all of the time and trouble of installing one or having one installed (as they are going to cost you a significant amount more than many of the other types of pool fences available on the market), you are definitely going to want to consider all of the pros and cons that you can see here before deciding if a glass pool fence is going to be right for you or not.

Pros of Using Glass Fencing

As with just about anything you can think of, glass pool fences are also going to have their pros, as well as their cons. Here is a look at some of the pros that you will be able to expect by installing glass pool fencing in your yard.

  • Will Fit Just About Any Type of Landscape Design

When it comes to glass pool fencing, it can essentially be changed to a specific fastening system that has been specially selected to help compliment the design of your garden and yard. For example, you may want to go with metal framing if you are seeking more of a contemporary look for your garden, or even a lighter, matte color if you are in search of eh Victorian look.

  • Glass Fences are Very Durable

Even if you live in a region that has some very extreme weather, you are going to be impressed with how durable glass pool fencing really is. This type of glass has been designed to last an entire lifetime, meaning that if you take care and maintain it, you will not need to worry about any type of pool fence replacements.

  • Easy to Clean

All you need to do in order to keep your glass pool fences looking like new is to go out and clean it with some glass cleaner about once per month or so. For this, all you will require is a glass cleaner such as Windex or something similar, a window cleaning tool that has a soft, spongy head, some water and a squeegee, that’s it. While you can hire somebody to come and clean your glass fence for you, it really does not require much work to clean it yourself.

Cons of Glass Fencing

As with all good things, there are always going to be downsides. Here are some of the cons of installing glass pool fencing.

  • Local Wildlife May Not See It

Since glass is able to be seen through, birds and other animals may not necessarily be able to see it while they are flying. This means that there is a possibility that they can fly right into it, potentially causing them harm.

  • You Must Clean Both Sides

Since glass has two sides, this means that you are going to need to clean both of those sides. If you have access to both sides, no big deal. But if one side is tough to get too, it can be much tougher to get this job done.

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