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How to use recycled timber to enhance interior design?

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Although timber is a carbon-negative building material with its ability to absorb carbon dioxide during its growth, the carbon captured within the timber will be released back to the atmosphere unless being recycled for a new life. In fact, there are multiple and creative ways to reuse timber from flooring to other uses.

Brought to you by an Australian wholesale timber flooring distributor, here’s some tips to use recycled timber flooring.

  1. Flooring

Using recycled timber as flooring is not uncommon among the recycled space. This application is particularly affordable because of the minimal processing required. When looking for recycled timber flooring, it is essential to check if the timber has been soaked or stored outdoor. Dealers who are able to provide detailed information on the species and previous use are generally more trustworthy.

Quality recycled timber flooring can last as long as factory new timber flooring while simultaneously offering the warmth and cosiness that most looked for when choosing timber as the flooring material.

  1. Furnitures

Using recycled timber furniture is a frequent use in offering a rustic aesthetic to an interior. While it can be bought from retail, some more love to make their own recycled timber furniture.

Timber has been a major and welcomed material for making furniture. Because of the worn look from recycled timber, exposing the timber rather than covering it with a coat of paint often enhances an interior to a huge extent.

Be it a table or a chair, recycled timber can upscale a seemingly boring place into one with great style and impress your visitors. Exposed timber furniture is extremely complementary to classically styled homes and offer the naturalness and warmth same as timber flooring.

  1. Feature walls

While minimalist designs have shadowed design approaches in various industries, a simple implementation of a signature recycled timber item is frequently introduced to existing minimalist designs to bring a focus to the overall design.

While a feature wall is common, the material used on feature walls can bring different perceptions to a place. Using recycled timber to create a feature wall can be one of the ways to reuse timber while bringing a unique aesthetic to the design of the interior.

Being often described as feature timbers, these applications on the wall bring style to a place while not being as protruding and distractive than other forms of feature walls, like a graffiti or the shine of metal.

  1. Cladding

Rather than using timber just as a feature wall, using recycled timber as wall cladding is an innovative way to enhance the exterior of a property while giving warmth and approachability to the place.

Timber is less absorbent to the radiant heat from the sun as compared to metal or concrete walls to keep the interior temperature less influenced from the outside environment, especially in the colder months in Melbourne.



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