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4 modernist interior and exterior design trends 2020

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As time slowly crawling towards the end of 2019, it is a great time to review the design trend in 2019 and how will they migrate into the 20th year of the 21st century. By the premium building material distributor, buildmart.com.au brings you the 4 modernist design trends in 2020.

  1. Feature Wall

While using a feature wall is not a news anymore, feature wall is going to become more and more popular, especially under the #Instagram #worthy trend for shops and restaurants.

Specially designed walls for commercial spaces are becoming more essential than ever in creating a spot for social media check-ins. As feature walls are almost a must-have for new establishments, it should not be surprised as these design additions get even more fancy than ever.

Because of pre-made wall claddings, brick overlays and other easy-to-apply wall texture products, creating and adding a feature wall is easier and allow the allocation of extra budget on differentiating features, for example, a water feature or specially setup lighting to maximise the effect of the feature wall.

  1. Backlight

The use of backlight has been more prominent than ever and being especially crazed over the technology industry. The use of backlight behind an object not only highlights the addition of unique design, but also enhances the spaciousness of the interior with a brighter interior.

And the use of backlight over a feature wall would become more popular as well. As the backlight will created a unique shadow on textured feature walls, such addition is exceptionally helpful in further showcasing the feature wall, as mentioned to be the trend for feature wall in 2020.

With the advancement of RGB lighting and responsive lighting like Philips Hue, backlights could be introduced with more colour variant other than white to further extend the interior design of an interior.

And backlight can be a simple addition to your existing white wall with a light strip behind a cupboard or a table. However, the effect of backlight in design is unexpectedly good in most conditions.

  1. Hidden Features

As the general design trend remained to be modernist and simplistic for some years, interior design is likely to follow the trend as well. These minimalistic designs help to further highlight the feature wall while keeping the entire interior not overwhelming to stay for extended period of time.

In order to balance between minimalist and practicality, more design will try to hide storage spaces in plain sight and utilize any remaining spaces. These includes press-to-open cupboards and doors hidden in a wall.

The storage spaces help to reduce the clutter in home while keeping the aesthetic of the interior presentable in case of a surprise visit.

I am Lucas Tyson. This is my Architecture and Design Blog where you can find some of the best designs that I made.

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