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How To Decorate Your Washroom The Moroccan Way?

Decorate Your Washroom

“Your home should tell a story of who you are & be a collection of what you love.”

A house can be turned into a home with its ambiance and décor. In recent times, bohemian interiors are trending for their great qualities to make the house look warm and comforting. Everyone wants their home to be decorated with a unique twist, and Moroccan style décor is carefree and brimming with vintage finds. The bright color, lovely patterns, bold motifs, and wall hanging lanterns give a dash of Moroccan elegance. Moroccans love decorating their homes, and they have exotic bathrooms, bedrooms and breathtaking living space.

Today when everyone needs their homes to be in the contemporary style, they love using this Moroccan, ottoman styled authentic, expensive décor.

If we are talking about Moroccan style furniture and décor, it is incomplete without their beautiful, spa-like washrooms. Moroccans are luxury-lovers, and they love to decorate their washrooms. Washrooms are our private space, from people singing in the shower, to switching on their thinking tank. The washrooms are not just the most important part of the home and add a unique beauty to home if they are decorated properly.

So here are some tips on how to decorate your washroom in Moroccan style:

The most basic element of our washroom is the flooring. Moroccan’s love the flashback toned, textured, geometric contrasting blue, black and grey designs. Moroccan tiles are something which you will love in your washrooms. You will never regret this specific decision you’ll make.

  • Vanity unit

Another element that will give your washroom a Moroccan feel is by making a vanity unit in your bathroom. We all have heard vanity rooms which are the epitome of personal space and privacy. Hence, Moroccan décor brings you the same kind of feeling in your washroom. This vanity area is for pampering oneself. Here, you can use backsplash tiles on countertop and stencil pattern tiles of fashionista feels.

  • Moroccan cabinetry

To give your washroom an exotic punch, you need blue colored, opulent, cabinetry areas, where you can keep your bathroom essentials. This area can be the most exciting section of your washroom. If you go the Moroccan style, you will need custom-crafted ceiling and patterned rugs which give washrooms a personal retreat and a mesmerizing view.

  • Handcrafted mirrors

This sleek, contemporary bath reinterprets the traditional attributes of Moroccan design and gives the style a whole new twist. The handcrafted mirrors are an excellent idea to give your washroom a minimal look. These handcrafted mirrors are safety extracted from old bones of animals and look very beautiful.

  • Use of rich colors

Moroccans are not afraid to experiment with rich colors such as red, purple, deep blue, golden, or black. If you are clueless about the color combinations you want, attempt different combos until you unearth the right one. The colors will make your bathroom look distinctive.

  • Moroccans lanterns

The main element of Moroccan bathroom is their vintage-looking lanterns and lights. To give a Bohemian look to your washroom, you need mirror worked lanterns which make your washroom mesmerizing.

Other elements that make your Moroccan style washroom look special are curtains, perfumed candles, argan oil, floor rugs, and blue bathtubs. All this gives you a feel of living the Bohemian way, making your washrooms look unique and worthy of appreciation.

All these ideas might look expensive but finding the right place to shop authentic Moroccan style furniture will solve your problem. Many online stores are selling beautiful Moroccan style furniture and décor pieces which give your home a distinctive look. You must always purchase from a reliable source as they provide many designs and affordable prices.

So start designing your washroom the Moroccan way without wasting any more time!

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