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Playgrounds: 6 Trends For Safe And Innovative Child’s Play

Child's Play

While watching your children playing at the playground one day, you become nostalgic and remember the days when you were a kid yourself. You remember when you had such a good time on the swings, on the monkey bars, and crawling around in one of the tubes of the playhouse.

You remember wishing you could just spend all your days there, but your parents always told you to come home early. You look down at your watch and tell your children the dreaded words of, “kids it’s time to go home.” They reply and say, “Already? We’ve only been here an hour.” They head over to you and say, “I wish we had a playground at home so we can keep playing.”

“Come to think of it, that’s actually a good idea!” You say to yourself. The kids can keep playing while you can go and fix supper, all while watching them from the kitchen window. Today, we will discuss 6 ideas for any budget that will help you create a safe and innovative playground at home for your children.


You might not have thought about it, but the first thing any playground has is its flooring. With a wide range of playground flooring options today from mulch, turf, and gravel, choose playground flooring that’s safe for your children to play on. You may also wonder where you would get playground flooring material from. No, not at the beach, not from a field somewhere, and not at the creek. Buy it from a reputable supplier, like Sand4U, who can provide quality products and services at competitive pricing, right to your door anytime and anywhere.


Mulch is great to use on the playground, as it serves a dual purpose, comfort and safety. It comes in different varieties with various colour options. It’s safe for the kids and feels great on bare feet.


Perhaps you’re thinking more along the lines of using turf instead. Another excellent choice for playing on and for safety. Turf can also help prevent scrapes, making it an ideal option for the playground.


The gravel flooring is also another good choice for the playground. As with the previous materials, gravel also has a range of types, sizes, and textures to choose from. Gravel is durable and is a great all-around material for any season.

Now that we’ve discussed some playground flooring options, you may wonder which to choose. A great innovative idea would be to use all three types of flooring options. Do this by creating sections for each type of flooring material. For instance, use mulch in areas where kids are likely to run. Use turf for the playhouse area, and use gravel in the area where the swings will be. You can’t go wrong using all three.

Playground Equipment

What’s a playground without the equipment? Just a ground (yes, I can hear you laughing now! Haha and hehe). Seriously, you have to get playground equipment.

Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars are usually found in all traditional playgrounds. Rightfully so, monkey bars allow children to get their exercise in without even knowing it. For the little one who might be hesitant to use monkey bars, consider placing a net below to catch their fall until they feel confident enough for you to remove it.


Now you’re probably thinking that a playhouse will cost you a significant amount of money. While it can, you can actually build a simple modern playhouse on your own. Consider the idea of creating a simple but modern looking A-Frame playhouse. Make it eco-friendly and attach a solar-powered charging station for kids who love their gadgets, even while playing in the playground.


Now a playground is definitely no fun without a swing or two. So add some swings, because who doesn’t like swings? You can make tire swings or the classic wood and chain kind. You might also want to consider the idea of adding hammocks. Hammocks are also great for adults, so it’s a win-win situation for all.

These are 6 ideas that can help you create a home playground for your children. Whichever options you choose, always remember to put safety first and purchase high-quality materials from reputable suppliers. Now go and make a home playground, your kids will appreciate it.

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